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More photos keep coming in with more exciting projects to take on

These first pics are of power washing a home that turned out very clean and look at the before pics with mildew and dirt and the after photos show a completely different view like night and day.

Ceiling job ,with old plaster double sheets installed , but a job well tackled by Dan the Handyman and the end results more then expected by the customer :-)

Left pictures are the first pictures and below is the final result's

My Truck was spotted again ! This time Masonry call , work needed in back of home ,patio area sinking ,and front of house ,step work .All completed to the customer and Dan the Handyman Approval.

Back of the House patio

Now the front of the House step's

Next big job that came out way better then was imagined by customer and Dan the Handyman. The whole front over hang was rotted do to failure to put the right roofing material and pitch of the roof , so we needed to gut the rotted wood and try to save the main structure , and that was done truly in a remarkable fashion!

so first the gutting of the rotted wood!

Now new wood added and supplies needed !

Top of the overhang area !

Tested and caulked , also pitched away from home , And the final picture's !

New project , Below ! Building a custom deck out from French doors in back of house , Many challenges to overcome included piping wiring tree stumps and major roots and rocks ,but was done to the customers 100 % Satisfaction !

This job was fun lol ! old Deck was restored with power washing and Awesome stain that I highly recommend , as seen in photos

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